David Vincent Rocca

owner, cinematographer, content creator

I’m a self-taught Cinematographer. Everything I have created has been driven by passion and love for what I do. My father established Cinematic Events in 1985. I joined 14 years ago and have Directed and Managed the business since 2013. The company has grown into a recognised videography and marketing company; our projects have taken us across Australia and to parts of the world. We specialise in Film, Fashion, Weddings, Events, Tourism, and Social Media Content Creation. I enjoy working with couples and businesses. I am passionate about helping local companies grow their business by providing them with high-quality film content that engages their community and makes a positive impact. My team is made up of dedicated individuals. I work alongside highly skilled cinematographers and a group of freelance videographers. Each person has played an essential role in the growth and success of Cinematic Events over the last 14 years. 


Dino Maoutsidis

senior editing, cinematographer

I’m the Senior Editor & Cinematographer at Cinematic Events. My love for multimedia, movies and storytelling inspired me to become and Cinematographer and Editor. I’ve worked as a Cinematographer and Video Editor for 13 years, and I have a Diploma in Multimedia. Having worked with Cinematic Events for over five years, I have had a fantastic opportunity in working on many exciting events and projects. My career has taken me all around Australia, and I have met many inspiring people along my journey. I love working with creative people that are passionate about their art. I enjoy filming events, tourism, fashion, weddings, and social media content creation, as well as making our clients 100% happy with our product.